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The Acrylic paint

As an artist I have used most mediums and found that Winsor & Newton Finity Artists Acrylics offers the widest spectrum, maximum permanence, optimum brilliance and intensity of colour plus unsurpassed covering power and tinting strength.

During the development of Artists Acrylics, blind product tests were carried out with all major brands of artists acrylic which proved without doubt that Finity Artists Acrylic Colour was in a class of its own. Its ground breaking benefits include an unparalleled brilliance of colour & minimal colour shift.

The basic concept of Finity was founded on the premise that most artists aspired to oil colours but found the slow drying and rules difficult. The ultimate aim would be an acrylic which behaved more like an oil colour Finity Artists, meaning extra time on the canvas for blending and extending usable time on the palette, this longer open time makes the acrylic ideally suited for traditional painting methods requiring extensive blending.

Brilliance of colour can be defined as the richness, intensity and depth of a colour. Research shows that this is the most important characteristic to the artist. Consequently, in the development of Artists Acrylic Winsor & Newton used their extensive experience in colour manufacture to ensure an unrivalled brilliance and depth of colour in the range, more so than any other acrylic in the marketplace. This was achieved by using only the purest pigments and the highest grades combined with strength of colour & provide the true hues with permanence.

Colour shift from wet to dry finish has been minimised, reducing what research showed was one of the greatest frustrations for acrylic artists, even phthalocyanines, pigments which traditionally show the most divergence, exhibit less change from wet to dry.

The Winsor & Newton classification of permanence is the most stringent in the art materials industry, measuring not only light fastness, but also film stability of the finished paint and chemical stability of the colour. All Finity Colour range are classified as permanent for artists use, earning an AA or A rating from Winsor & Newton


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