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About the Painting



Inspired by the horse chestnut tree, which is ancient and hallow, you can see the shape of a horse’s head which appears as if it were torn, this tree also shows a woman as if she were looking into it, and below her in the dark opening is the faintness of an angel.

These surreal tree stumps represent a strange world of mysticism.

The scene of the painting is inspired by the Isle of Harris with its golden deserted beaches, the front of the painting was inspired by Harris Tweed which led to the depth of multi toning around the trees.

Leonardo Da Vinci earned his right as a divine being as such he is shown with angel wings which merge with the folding down of the sky. He appears to be looking at the rear of the painting as if he were in judgement.

The Hermit is shown to represent enlightenment and righteousness with what appears to be a group of people, the colours were done to represent an underworld.

There is a lot more to this painting than meets the eye, seek and you shall find.

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