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About the Painting



Mans mark on the natural world

Nature built the planet and man built on it only in years to come will he destroy it.

However animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects were all put here for their own reasons and not for man to destroy.

This painting is significant to manís building on earth and all living creatures together in harmony.

The Cullen Viaduct at Aberdeen is probably the image most visitors remember from Cullen built in1886 the Great North Railway and its car park are factual, however all other images are the artists visions which enter through the subconscious.

Inside each archway is that of living creatures human, horse, owl, trumpet fish, adder, leptodora insect. A female form of mother nature on her side with elongated hair also as a sand bank and her feet create part of the face.

The bold border comes from an Yves Saint Laurentís 1965 cocktail dress inspired by a painting by Mondrian. This gives an abstract mix with landscape and can be painted to specification for commissions.

This painting is also experimental of putting images together to reflect thoughts and meaning which all work together as a whole to create an extraordinary landscape, to look and appreciate the detail and balance of contrasting colours; to capture atmosphere, peace and harmony being a desire for mankind.

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