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The painting has an atmosphere all of its own, Loch Laidon which is within Rannoch Moor was formed by a large glacier which moved east across the area about 20,000 years ago; the moor has been described as one of the remotest places in Britain within mountains, heather and peat-bog.
It sits approx.1000ft above sea level.

The beaver skull is a representation of how man hunted them out in the 16th century after they were targeted by man for their pelt which was very fashionable and valuable, and castoreum, a scent gland below the beaverís tail, was famous for its medicinal properties (recently discovered to be an ingredient of aspirin), and the tail was commonly eaten.

Beavers were native to Scotland and were a common sight famous for building intricate river dams, as they flourished freely; whole families made their homes in the slow-running waters of the countryside, gnawing trees with their front teeth, eating the bark and using the wood to build their dams. The people trapped and killed every single beaver in Scotland not one of them survived.

Beavers are to be reintroduced to the Scottish countryside for the first time in almost 500 years.

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