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About the Painting






The painting started as a seascape from Mellon Udrigle on the north west coast, while creating the distant mountains they appeared to have a female form this was slightly enhanced on the face where you can see the clouds emerging from the mouth as if the spirit is leaving and has reached a small angel in the brightness of the sky.

The beach of golden sand has driftwood which enhances the surreal shapes into detail, the woman has a divine appearance which is strong and courageous; and represents grounding by roots into the earth, she is giving life back to the image of a man. There is an artistic impression of a horse which is lying beside her with itís head held high.

At the side of the womanís leg and horses tail there is a female form on her tip-toes looking down a deep crevice this also forms part of the horse. Below is the eye of Salvador Dali with quaint moustache and a baby holding onto an old tree stump.

There was a spiritual awakening of creativity how the sky, sea, and land merged into art with inspirational thoughts at the time which were that of - in the beginning did life come from the sea?

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